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German Shepherd puppies

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All AKC puppies come with a Federal Health certificate, puppy agreement, Microchip(optional) and rehoming fee. Below is a brief overview of the contract provided and we can provide a full contract to you by email.


The purchase price for a puppy will be $1500 and come with limited AKC Registration OR Full AKC Registration. Part of the purchase price will be paid immediately with this agreement as a deposit to guarantee that seller will hold the puppy for delivery to the buyer on a specified delivery date.  The balance due , after crediting the deposit ,  will be paid in Cash ,Cashier Check, or PayPal at the time of delivery of the puppy to the buyer.   This purchase price does NOT include any delivery charge (if any) which is calculated separately.


(Surety of Action Deposit usually 50% of the Purchase Price) is required to hold this puppy for the buyer until date of delivery. There are no refunds on deposits, unless otherwise agreed here in writing. Failure of the buyer to complete this purchase would subject the seller to sell the puppy to another buyer and retention of the deposit is meant to compensate seller for possible losses. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the buyer to follow through with the purchase of this puppy. The seller reserves the right to void this transaction and refund the deposit if we learn of any reason why buyer might not be suitable for the puppy ( i.e. buyer is found to be an animal abuser, violent person, representative of a pet store, representative of a pharmaceutical research laboratory etc.) .  If the transaction is voided or if through some tragic accident the puppy were to die or otherwise be seriously injured before it goes to its new home then, of course, the deposit will be returned to the buyer; unless the buyer wishes to apply the deposit to another available puppy, or to a puppy from the next available litter.


Our preferred method of payment is by Credit or Debit Card.  Please do not email or otherwise give us your credit/debit card information, we don’t need to see the information and we will not ever see it.  The transaction will all be done as a secured transaction by We will send you an invoice email via To make the deposit payment, you simply follow the instructions in the Invoice Email from and make the payment through them.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal Account set up already. It is actually simpler if you do not have a PayPal account or use a different email from any existing PayPal account. The invoice email just requires you to fill in a payment form providing your name, address and phone number. On the second page you provide the credit or debit card charge information. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express to pay the deposit or full payment. Your deposit is paid and your puppy is reserved for you . The alternative,  enclose a cashier’s check for the deposit amount and mail it to Josh Beshears, Canaanland German Shepherds, 5480 Holcomb Drive, Reno, TX 75462.  We will not reserve a puppy until the payment is received. If the puppy you like is NOT available at the time we receive the deposit, we will contact you and determine if you want your deposit returned, or applied to another puppy from a future litter.


We do Not Ship. There will be No exceptions when it comes to young puppies.  We do deliver puppies personally within a reasonable distance or you can pick your puppy up at Canaanland German Shepherds. This puppy will be available for the buyer to pick up personally at Canaanland German Shepherds or an agreed upon location.  This date is based on our estimation of when the puppy will be naturally weaned and ready to leave its Mom.  Typically our puppies stay with their Moms at an absolute minimum of 6 weeks of age, but more often 8-12 weeks of age. If the Buyer is not able to pick up the puppy on the stated Delivery Date, we will be glad to continue caring for the Puppy for a reasonable time-limited to 30 days unless otherwise arranged, but we will add a charge of $2 per day for boarding for every day after the scheduled pickup date.


The seller is also happy to personally deliver puppies to their new homes or to meet the buyer at an agreed upon location.  We charge .56 cents per mile times the roundtrip mileage we drive as a delivery charge.  This Delivery Charge is designed to pay for our gasoline and out of pocket expenses on a trip and may actually be less than .56 cents per mile depending on individual circumstances.


The Seller, Canaanland German Shepherds, guarantees your puppy to be ostensibly healthy (AS ACKNOWLEDGED BY SELLER AND BUYER) at the time of sale. Seller does not know, or does Seller have reason to know, exercising the standards of the industry, of any latent illness or defect affecting this puppy. Seller specifically does not guarantee the ultimate size, color, ears, or weight of this puppy. This puppy sold herein is purebred and qualified to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) on a FULL or LIMITED Registration determined by the Seller. At the time of delivery of the puppy sold herein, the puppy will current on vaccinations (as customary in the industry) appropriate to its age. Upon request Seller will provide Buyer with vaccination records. Seller has no control of environmental conditions AFTER PUPPY LEAVES KENNEL: therefore Seller does not guarantee or does seller warrantee the puppy sold herein is absent of latent or unapparent existence of parvo, distemper, corona, lepto virus, internal or external parasites, giardia, and coccideosis. Seller is not responsible for “follow-up” worming. Seller does not guarantee, or does seller warrantee the puppy sold herein to be absent of latent or unapparent existence at the time of delivery any pre-existing maladies including, but not limited to, genetic abnormalities or problematic conditions. Seller does not guarantee nor does seller warrantee that the puppy sold herein will not suffer or otherwise be adversely affected by intestinal maladies due to transportation. Relocation, or change in diet of said puppy.  Hip and joint problems can be caused by or influenced by overfeeding, improper diet,  failure to maintain proper weight, failure to provide sufficient exercise, over-exercising or improper exercising  which would be out of our control. The puppy sold herein will have a passing hip rating taken at said puppy’s age 12 months or earlier.  X-Rays associated with such rating must be taken by a state licensed veterinarian while the dog is under sedation recommended by the Orthopedic Federation of America (OFA). Any and all fees, costs, and expenses associated with such X-Rays, sedation and related veterinary services, boarding, and care will be the responsibility of  Buyer. The puppy sold herein which does not receive a passing rating of “fair” or better will be replaced with another or puppy chosen by the Seller within a reasonable period of time following the return of the puppy sold herein: under such circumstance, in the event the Buyer elects not to return the dog or puppy sold herein to the Seller, upon proof that the dog or puppy has been spayed or neutered, Seller will sell to the Buyer another puppy at fifty percent (50%) of its advertised price. Such replacement discount provision shall be void of the dog or puppy sold herein has produced any offspring prior to age 24 months. Buyer acknowledges the OFA Certification cannot occur until the dog as attained two years of age which its hips have reached mature development. Buyer is not obligated to have the dog or puppy sold herein undergo the expensive process involved for OFA certification: however Buyer acknowledges that Buyer has been informed that should buyer choose to obtain OFA certification of the dog or puppy sold herein, said certification must be accomplished within six months of said dog or puppy attaining two years of age and, furthermore, Buyer acknowledges that female dogs or puppies must not be bred prior to submission for said certification in order to qualify for Seller’s guarantee. Any deviation from the provisions contained herein will nullify and void Seller’s hip guarantee. The puppy must be registered with the American Kennel Club and provide an AKC registration number for this hip guarantee to be valid. The guarantee of the hips does not cover problems that are environmentally induced.  The buyer should take great care in bringing up the puppy.  The puppy should not be allowed to jump from great heights taller than himself (for example avoid jumping off a porch or out of a truck), or run up and down stairs or do a lot of running and sliding on slick surfaces or be subjected to strenuous exercise.  Before a puppy reaches about age 15 months, his tendons are not strong enough to bear weight from impact… lax tendons allow the head of the hip bone to bang into the hip socket causing trauma to cartilage and bone.  This can cause hip dysplasia and elbow problems.  Seller will not be responsible for this kind of damage. We do not guarantee temperament.  Our Shepherds have demonstrated great stable temperament.   All our puppies are temperament tested and sound when delivered.  We take great pride in providing a secure, loving environment for our puppies from birth and provide daily proper socialization.   After delivery, the responsibility is on the buyer to provide a good environment with proper socialization.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep the puppy free from harm and bad interactions with other people, dogs and animals.  Any negative exposure of the puppy to a bad experience with other dogs or people can cause lasting effects.

All puppies come with a Vet check and the 1st series of vaccinations.


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