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                      German Shepherd Puppies 

  No puppies available at this time


PAYMENT: Cash/cashiers check or (PayPal). Place your deposit below on your puppy.

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German Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas


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We feed Victor to our dogs, and recommend it.


**Puppies come with AKC Limited Registration or Full AKC Registration**

All of our pups will come with a head to tail vet check, vaccination/D-worm record, Federal health certificate, and puppy kit- (includes- puppy agreement, AKC registation paperwork, parents pedigrees, puppy care tips, and small bag of Victor puppy food).



Which GSD, Male or Female, do better inside? In our opinion, females do better. Males are more prone for potty accidents (marking, etc..)


Are your GSDs imported? Our GSDs are born in the U.S., bu have Imported family members in their pedigrees.


Do you ship puppies? Currently no, but options are available to do so safely. Contact us for more details.


Are the breeding parents onsite? Yes, we have raised all of our breeding GSDs as puppies on site in our home and on the property.


Do your GSDs have Champion bloodlines? Yes, all of our puppies born will have Champion Show/Working/German CZR blood lines past down from their parents.


Do you offer a health guarantee ? Yes. See our Pricing page and note Gurantee/Warantee section for a detailed explanation of health guarantee




What are AKC Limited and Full AKC Registrations?

Both of these options ensure that your puppy is AKC registered. The two main differences are price and purpose.


                                                       Limited AKC Registration

Limited Registration is also often referred to as "pet only" registration. Limited AKC is the option most people take if their puppy will be a family pet, and will not be used to breed/reproduce. As an incentive for our puppies to enter "pet only" homes, we offer Limited Registration at a lower price with almost every AKC litter.

So, in a nutshell:

  • Limited AKC Registration is less expensive for the puppy's new family, as an incentive to encourage spaying/neutering.

  • Limited AKC Registration is for pets, and not breeding dogs. Puppies born from a parent with Limited AKC registration can not be registered with AKC.

  • Limited AKC dogs  can compete in many AKC-sponsored events at shows such as Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog.

  • See individual puppy descriptions on our Puppies page for pricing. Not all of our puppies are AKC registered, so please read the litter descriptions for clarification.


                                                               Full AKC Registration

Full AKC Registration should be chosen if a puppy's new family plans to show in AKC breed/conformation shows, or to breed their GSD in the future. Full AKC Registration price is typically higher than the other option (above).

So in a nutshell:

  • Full AKC Registration typically costs more than the other option (Limited), above.

  • Full AKC Registration might be available, to approved homes only, for an additional fee $200. 

  • Full AKC Registration is the correct choice if a puppy will be shown in AKC breed or conformation shows or if the puppy will reproduce in the future.

  • See individual puppy descriptions on our Puppies page for pricing. Not all of our puppies are AKC registered, so please read the litter descriptions for clarification.


New Puppy Care Tips

Thank you for choosing your new German shepherd puppy from Canaanland German Shepherds. We know this is an exciting time for you, your family, and your new puppy. We have provided these tips to help ensure your puppy transitions well to their new family and environment. Please complete your new puppy’s vaccination series with your veterinarian. So, that they will get a great start in growing up to be a beautiful adult.



Your new German shepherd puppy might exhibit shy behavior, or whine when you leave him or her during the first couple of days. This is completely normal behavior as they get adjusted from being away from their litter mates. This is a great opportunity for you to shower your new puppy with lots of love and affection. This will ensure they establish a good bond to you and your family. German Shepherds are chewers, so provide lots of toys for them. This is a very intelligent breed, so play a lot with your new puppy. This ensures optimal bonding, personality, and brain development.



We have provided a bag of puppy food and puppy food ingredient document in your puppy kit. We recommend you either keep feeding the puppy food we us or mix our food with your chosen food for a least 3 to 4 days to allow the puppy’s digestive system to adjust. This is crucial to prevent any digestive problems (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting, or gas). German shepherds have a history of sensitive digestive systems, but providing a good quality high protein, low grain food will ensure they grow up healthy and happy. Follow the recommended feeding guidelines on the puppy food bag and always provide fresh water for your puppy. Please do not allow your new puppy to drink from standing, stagnant water outside. Rule of thumb- if you won’t drink it, do not allow your new puppy to drink it. Stress is common during the first week or so of your puppy’s time with you, and in turn this can possibly cause your new puppy’s immune system to be less than perfect. So take great care in what your new puppy licks, ingests, and drinks. Think of it like a new baby who you just brought home from the hospital. This precaution will help ensure your new puppy does not develop any sickness.


Lastly, always provide lots of TLC, hugs, and kisses to your new puppy, and they will return it back 10 fold. Doing this, will ensure they grow up to be the best family friend, and protector. Thank you so much.

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