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Canaan Vom Gelobten Land

German Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas



Black & Red

Boaz "Bo" Vom Two River
DN300596/03 07-12
Black & Red
AKC DNA #V676912







Sterling Von Sduke Und Pggblack Tx.
DN309669/05 10-13
Black & Red

Cold Vom Tommy's Ranch
DN178601/01 11-07 (Germany)
Black & Red
AKC DNA #V479986


Quera Vitaxis
DN294570/01 05-11 (Czech Republic)
Black & Red
AKC DNA #V622260





Sir Duke Of Prince Michael
DN000209/05 05-11
Black & Tan




Precious Gg Black Of Texas
DN064921/02 05-11
Black & Tan

Arak Vom Frankengold
SZ 2073197


Whoopi Vom Ochsentor
SZ 2089636


Xandy Vitaxis
CMKU DS/46872/02/04


Karma Vitaxis
CMKU DS/57526/05/07


Sir Prince Michael Of Odin
DL573629/01 09-96 Black & Tan


Lola De Artesia Moonlight
DL725095/06 05-99 Black & Tan


Buckshot Boogie DN032713/05 07-04
Black & Tan AKC DNA #V330606


Seven Of Nine III
DL867416/08 07-04 Black & Tan



Canaan comes from a working, show, German and CZR Line.  Almost everyone in his pedigree are Top Dogs.--  V13 Arak vom Frankengold  SCHH3.--Whoopi vom ochsenator SCHH1--VA5 2XVA1 (F) Esko von der Wienerau SCHH3--V,CHAMPION CZ Xandy Vitaxis SCHH1--V1,CACIB Karma Vitaxis ZVV1  Impressive !!! He has an easy going personality and loves to work tasks. Classic protective nature.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Many people can find themselves mighty confused when it comes to the abbreviations and acronyms in pedigrees and other documents. Below are abbreviations and acronyms related to breeding, shows and working tests.

Working Test Acronyms

a (ausgeprägt) - Pronounced. Used by the judge in describing a dog’s courage and "hardness (see TSB).

AD (ausauerprüfung) - Endurance title for dogs from 16 months to 6 years of age (includes a 20 km run & simple obedience test).

AZG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Zuchtveriene und Gebrauchshundeverbände) - Association of breed registry and working-dog sport clubs — The AZG has the purpose of administrating uniform international schutzhund rules via the FCI, to assure inter-club and international conformity, making it possible to hold identical or similar international trial competitions in many countries.

BH (Begleithundprüfung) - Companion Dog - the preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her Schutzhund titles. A combination temperament and obedience test.

BSP (Bundes SiegerPrüfung) - trial at the national level.

IPO (International Prüfungsordnung) - International working tests. Classes I, II, III, similar to Schutzhund.

ng (nicht genügend) - insufficient. Used by the judge in describing a dog’s courage and "hardness".

SchH (Schutzhund) - Protection Dog. A title incorporating tracking, obedience, and protection of three classes.

TSB (Triebveranlagung) - fighting drive.


Show Acronyms

A (Ausreichend) - Sufficient show or performance rating.

BSZS (BundesSiegerZuchtSchau) - SV German National conformation show.

Disq (Disqualifiziert) - disqualified.

FH (Fahrtenhund) - Most advanced tracking title awarded by the SV.

G (Gut) - Good show or performance rating.

Gebrauchshundklasse - The Open Class at the Sieger Show for dogs older 2 years.

H (Hündin) - bitch.

Jugendklasse - the 12-18 month young dog class at the Sieger Show.

Junghundklasse - the 18-24 month young dog class at the Sieger Show.

Lebenszeit - Breed surveyed for lifetime.

LP (Less Promising) - the 3-12 month young dog show rating.

M (Mangelhaft) - Faulty show or performance rating.

P (Promising) - dog show rating.

R (Rüde) - male dog.

SG (Sehr Gut) - Very Good show or performance rating; highest rating obtainable by dogs under 2 years old.

SGR (Sieger или Siegerin) - Highest placed dog title at the German Sieger show.

U (Ungenügend) - Unsatisfactory show or performance rating. No grading given.

V (Vorzuglicht) - Excellent show or performance rating.

VA (Vorzuglicht Auslese) - Excellent Select show rating at Sieger show; highest award obtainable by a German show dog; typically awarded to 9-12 male and female dogs each year.

Vdh (Verband für das Deutche Hundewessen e.V) - The German Kennel Club.

VP (Very promising) - the 3-12 month young dog show rating.

WUSW (Welt Union der Schäferhundveriene) - World Union of German Shepherd Clubs.

Z (Zuchter) - breeder.

Zuchtschau - the conformation speciality show.

ZW (Zuchtwert) - breed value - a number assigned that gives an indication of the genotype of the dog for breeding purposes.


Breeding Acronyms

A a-stamp - The "a" stamp indicating the hips of a dog have been evaluated and fall within limits considered acceptable for breeding.

"a" normal - certified normal hips, required for a dog to pass a breed survey.

"a" fast normal - certified near normal hips .

"a" noch zugelassen - still permissible.

EZ (Einfache Zucht) - Simple Breeding. Only one parent has a working degree.

GZ (Gebrauchshundzucht) - Utility Dog Breeding. Both parents have working titles.

KKL1 (Körklasse 1) - Especially recommended for breeding.

KKL2 (Körklasse 2) - Suitable for breeding.

KLZ (Kör- und Leistungszucht) - Qualification and Performance Breeding. Both parents have Körung and all four grandparents have working titles.

Körbericht - judge comments during Körung test.

KZ (Körzucht) - Qualification Breeding. Both parents have Körung.

Lbz (Lebenszeit) - Breed surveyed for lifetime.

LZ (Leistungszucht) - Performance Breeding. Both parents and all four grandparents have working titles.

NZB (Nachzucht Bewertung) - progeny evaluation.

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