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Located in Hamilton, Texas near Stephenville, Texas and west of Waco, Texas.Contact Josh 

@ 903-272-6131 or


We are a home based breeder of high quality AKC registered German Shepherds.

Located in Central Texas in a little town called Hamilton. Which is near Stephenville, Texas. Our wonderful German Shepherds are raised as pups in our home with love and care. All of our dogs come from West and East German Champion show, CZR, and working lines. Our dogs are raised and trained for companion dogs. All of puppies are whelped in our home to ensure that grow up healthy, safe, and get plenty of TLC. We love this breed and believe that this is best family dog you can have. My family and I have had many dogs through out our lives and nothing is as loving, alert, and protective as a German Shepherd. This is a very active breed and makes a great house dog for any person or family, but this wonderful breed needs exercise and daily tasks to be calm and content. These dogs really bond with their immediate family members and really take on a personality of their own. I have not met any German Shepherds that behave the same. We look forward to providing you with a great companion. All of our pups will come with a head to tail vet check, vaccination/D-worm record, Federal health certificate, microchip, and puppy kit- (includes- puppy agreement, AKC registration paperwork, microchip registration form, parents pedigrees, puppy care tips, and small bag of Victor puppy food).


HISTORY OF THE BREED: Karlsruhe, Germany in 1899 was the scene of the origin of the German Shepherd dog developed Captain Max Von Stephanitz and others. The result of mixing old herding breeds and farm dogs, the German Shepherd was first shown in America in 1907. The theme of a boy and his dog in such movies and television shows as Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart made this breed of dog quite popular. While most people may know the German Shepherd as the world's leading dog for police work, guarding assignments and military work; they are much more dependable than just a 40 hour work week animal. The AKC registration stats show that this breed is consistently one of the most popular as a herder, show competitor and a loving family member. These dogs are approachable, fearless and direct. Their beautiful bodies are strong and muscular with a possible variety of colors. However, the most common coat color is black and tan. If you are looking a fun-loving and energetic canine family member to add to your household, you could not go wrong with the choice of a German Shepherd. Once a relationship with has been established; this dog loves children. German Shepherds are loyal and make excellent guard dogs. These traits alone make them just the right choice for many families. He works best for more active families as he requires regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. You may find the perfect German Shepherd right here for you and your family.


Our Nursery

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